What is a vision statement? 15 examples of vision statements to inspire you (2023)

A vision seems almost mystical. But it is not supernatural, far from it. Instead, a vision statement is a fundamental business document.

There is a lot of paperwork that clutters up every organization's office, but the mission statement is different from the others. Often confused with amission statement, the vision statement serves a different purpose. A vision statement looks to the future, but a mission statement talks about what the company is doing in the present.

What is a vision statement?

A vision statement is a business document that states an organization's current and future goals. A company's vision must be aligned with its mission, strategic plan, culture and core values. A vision statement is not only used in business, but also by non-profit organizations and government agencies to define strategic goals.

Vision statements are not necessarily immutable. They can be returned, revised and revised as needed. However, any changes should be kept to a minimum, as a vision statement is a guideline for a company's strategic plan and therefore needs to be revised thoroughly.

An organization's business vision can change over time as companies adapt to the business environment and external factors that may affect their ability to deliver on their mission.


A vision statement has no specific length. No matter how long, the vision statement is formally written and referenced in company documents to guide short- and long-term strategic planning actions.

The best way to learn vision statements is through real life examples. We've collected 15 sample vision statements from the world's best companies to help you write yours.

What is the purpose of a vision statement?

As mentioned above, a mission statement is a very important part of an organization as it aligns with its mission, core values ​​and culture. also runs thestrategic plan, because it sets future goals. Similar to a mission statement, a vision statement is a living document, referred to as a guiding light, to guide a company towards its next innovation.

There are also different types of vision statements, as companies have unique core values. For example, a motivating mission statement will motivate existing employees and attract talent to the company. They want to work in a place with a business vision aligned with their personal values. A strong mission statement also helps set your company apart from others. All companies want to be profitable, but a company can create a unique vision that resonates with its customers and employees.

It's all too easy to get bogged down in the details of your mission statement and the day-to-day challenges of running an organization. Therefore, you need a long-term vision that can guide your efforts and help you plan for the long term.

Now that we've learned what a corporate vision is, let's look at the main differences between a vision and a mission statement and how they relate to each other.

Mission Statement x Mission Statement

The vision statement and mission statement are equally important for a business as they complement each other and guide the direction of your business. The main difference between them is that the mission statement describes what your company does while your vision statement explains what the company wants to achieve in the future.

On the other hand, their main similarity is that both need to be aligned with your company's values ​​and culture, as all these elements make up your company's identity and differentiating factors.

Once you've formulated your corporate vision and mission statements, the hard work begins. Now you can create a strategic plan and start executing your projects.

Once the vision is in place, the hard work begins. Project management software helps you achieve your goals. The ProjectManager does this with one of the most robustGantt diagramin the market. Our work management tool creates a visual timeline, links task dependencies and defines milestones. Now you know which tasks are essential and whether your actual progress matches your plan. Realize your vision by trying our work management software for free today.

How to write a vision statement

Every company has a unique vision, but the process is similar for most. Here are some steps to help you write your own.

1. What are your company's core values?

Your company's core values ​​define its identity and how it interacts with communities and the environment. It is important to understand them to define your business vision.

2. What is your company's mission?

Understanding what your business does and how it works is key to planning for the future.

3. Understand your corporate culture

A strong corporate culture is a very important part of the success of any business. Therefore, your vision must be aligned with it, otherwise your strategic planning would not work.

4. Identify current strategic objectives

Before thinking about future goals, you need to understand where your organization currently stands. Your vision can be a long-term plan setting out goals for the next 5-10 years, but those goals must be realistic.

5. Define future goals

Think about what you want your company to achieve in the next 5 or 10 years based on your company's current status and create a strategic plan to achieve your goals.

6. Write your vision statement

Now that you have an idea of ​​the key elements needed to write your vision statement, you can create one that fits your organization.

Best practices for writing a vision statement

There is no blueprint for writing a vision, but a common framework for successful visions includes these characteristics:

  • Be precise:This is not the place to fill a document with superficial statements. It should be simple, easy to read, and stripped down to the essentials so that it can be remembered and repeated accurately.
  • Be clear:A good rule of thumb for clarity is to focus on one main objective rather than trying to fill the document with a scattering of ideas. A clear goal is also easier to focus on and achieve.
  • You have a time horizon:A time horizon is simply a fixed point in the future at which you will reach and evaluate your vision.Set that time.
  • Make it future-oriented:Again, the vision statement is not what the company is currently dealing with, but rather a future goal of where the company wants to be.
  • Be stable:The vision statement is a long-term goal that ideally should not be affected by market or technology changes.
  • Be challenging:That said, don't be shy about setting your goals. Your goal shouldn't be too easy to achieve, but also not so unrealistic that it can be dismissed.
  • Be abstract:The mission statement should be general enough to capture the organization's interests and strategic direction.
  • Be inspiring:Live up to the document's title and come up with something that will rally the troops and be a desirable goal for everyone involved in the organization.

Since the vision statement is a critical business document that will guide the company's strategic planning direction for years to come, consider using project planning tools and brainstorming techniques to gather input from all team members. This will give you greater corporate buy-in and widen your network for brainstorming business vision ideas.

Now that we understand the role that vision statements play in organizations, let's look at real-life examples of vision statements from 15 of the world's largest companies.

Examples of vision statements

These examples prove that a vision statement is not a model document that differs from other organizations only by the brand logo above it.


"Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people." This is ambitious, short and sweet. What's more, it sets the tone for the company and makes it clear that it's in the business to offer good value home furnishings that fit all lifestyles.


“To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. (*If you have a body, you are an athlete.)” Back then, nobody really cared about tennis. They were just another piece of exercise equipment. But Nike saw a future that didn't exist before, where it would deliver products that inspire and motivate people. Notice how they involve everyone like athletes. It's smart and inclusive.

MC Donalds

“To be the best experience in a fast food restaurant. Being the best means delivering exceptional quality, service, cleanliness and value, so we make every customer smile at every restaurant.” The strength of this view is that it is structured like a checklist. The word "best" is a word that needs definition, and McDonald's provides qualifiers, clearly marking the roadmap to success with signposts.


“We strive to offer our customers the lowest prices, the best selection available and the greatest convenience.” This follows the classic trio, each of which defines what a customer is looking for in a salesperson.


“With the goal of customers to save money no matter how they choose to shop.” Here, the retailer takes a stand on the customer's bottom line, money, and goes beyond bricks and mortar to embrace the digital age of shopping.


“Providing one-click access to the world's information” They evolved from their altruistic and abstract code of conduct of “don't get angry” to a more customer-centric and pragmatic code of conduct.


"Helping people and businesses around the world reach their full potential." It shows they are personable and professional by emphasizing how they help rather than benefit customers.


"People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what's happening in the world, and to share and express what's important to them." wants to emphasize your connection to people rather than alienating them.


"Our vision is to create the brands and varieties of beverages that people love, to refresh them physically and mentally." have.


“Treat people like family and they will be loyal and give it their all.” This defines how intimate the brand wants to be, to the point where, instead of ordering a coffee, order a Starbucks.


“To create the most compelling automobile company of the 21st century, driving the global transition to electric vehicles.” They see an opportunity in the automotive space and want to be a leader in differentiating gas vehicles.


"Inspire the world with our innovative technologies, products and designs that enrich people's lives and contribute to the prosperity of society." .


“To become the best global entertainment distribution service.” The quest for world domination in streaming services is central and central to their vision.


"Zoom is for you." Simple and straightforward, if a little pretentious.


“We are in business to save our home planet.” What, they don't care about other planets? But seriously, this outdoor apparel and gear maker knows its customers are environmentally conscious and want the solution to global warming rather than fearing for the future.


“A world without poverty.” This seems to go against one of the hallmarks of good vision, as it looks unreal. But with challenging visions, it's hard to imagine how anyone could not be inspired and motivated by this brief and powerful vision.

Using the ProjectManager to write a vision statement

Writing a vision is a project in itself and should be treated with some weight. A mission statement informs the direction, morale and spirit of the organization: it should be inspiring.

Try ProjectManager to help you create the ideal vision statement. Our subscription model gives you multiple entry points. Then you can create collaborative to-do lists so you can reflect on your direction with other leaders in the organization. Create a task and add subtasks so you can take everything into account when making your vision statement. You can also add comments and files to tasks so collaboration can stay focused and localized.

Once you create a vision statement, the real work begins. To achieve that vision, you need the right tools. ProjectManager is cloud-based project management software with tools like online Gantt charts, task lists and Kanban boards to help you complete projects and make a name for yourself.Try our award-winning software for free and see how it can help you achieve your vision..

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How do you write a vision statement that inspires? ›

Quick tips for your vision statement
  1. Project five to 10 years into the future.
  2. Dream big, and focus on success.
  3. Use the present tense.
  4. Use clear, concise, jargon-free language.
  5. Infuse it with passion, and make it inspiring.
  6. Align it with your business values and goals.

What vision statement is best? ›

They should be short - max 2 sentences. They need to be specific to your business and describe a unique outcome that only you can provide. Use present tense. Keep it simple enough for people both inside and outside your organization to understand.

What are vision statements? ›

A vision statement is a business document that states the current and future objectives of an organization. A company's vision must align with its mission, strategic planning, culture, and core values.

What are the 5 main characteristics of a vision? ›

What are the main characteristics of a vision? Research on visionary leader- ship suggests that visions have five characteristics: a picture, a change, values, a map, and a challenge (Nanus, 1992; Zaccaro & Banks, 2001).

What is your vision statement in life? ›

A personal vision statement is a statement that describes your personal values, your strengths, and your goals. It can be focused on life or professional goals, and it is intended to orient you toward your long-term dreams.

What is an inspiring mission statement? ›

A good mission statement can surprise, inspire, and transform your business. They provide a clearly stated purpose of your business and the goals you have for succeeding. The best mission statements go hand-in-hand with corporate philosophy and culture and help guide a company from the present into the future.

What is a good vision statement for a student? ›

Vision Statement Examples

1. To be a model student, engaged in my school, community and family with a reputation for high performance and excellence. 2. A well known and very capable engineer who solves challenging problems in the field of nuclear energy.

What 5 things make for an effective vision statement? ›

  • Brevity. A good vision statement is succinct, which makes it easy for managers and leaders to communicate and employees to remember. ...
  • Clarity. ...
  • Abstract and Challenging. ...
  • States the Organization's Purpose. ...
  • Future Focused. ...
  • Sets a Desirable Goal. ...
  • Matches the Organization's Success Measures.
Jan 12, 2011

What's your vision? ›

Your vision is your most important dream or mental picture. It can also be a set of dreams and long-term goals. A vision defines the optimal desired future state; it tells of what you would like to achieve over a longer time. Vision can be your personal “why” or the organization's internal purpose of existence.

What is vision statement essay? ›

Introduction. A vision statement outlines the market position that an organization anticipates to acquire in the future. It is often short, concise and offers directions that should be followed by the organization. However, it does not give details of how organizational goals should be achieved.

What is a powerful vision? ›

Powerful visions must draw people, attract them, make them want to take action and overcome obstacles to achieve it. It must feel worth achieving, worth putting real effort into getting there. – Achievable.

What are the 6 stages of vision? ›

What are the main stages of visual perception?
  • Reception.
  • Transduction.
  • Transmission.
  • Selection.
  • Organization.
  • Interpretation.
Oct 25, 2021

What is your vision for yourself? ›

A personal vision statement is a clear, concise summary of your personal goals and dreams for the future. It serves as an anchor when life pulls you in different directions. It is also a guide for making decisions based on your values, and it helps you stay focused on the goals you want to achieve.

What are examples of inspiring? ›

She wrote an inspiring book about her battle against ill health. He was an inspiring teacher. She was one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. She was a very strong, impressive character and one of the most inspiring people I've ever met.

What are the 3 parts of a vision statement? ›

It's comprised of three parts: what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. A vision statement outlines the company's long-term goals and aspirations for the future in terms of its long-term growth and impact on the world.

What are the 9 mission statements? ›

Two years later, (David, 1989) [13] identified nine key components i.e. customers, products / services, markets, technology, concern for survival, philosophy, self-concept, concern for public image, and concern for employees.

What is Nike's vision statement? ›

Nike Vision Statement

We see a world where everybody is an athlete — united in the joy of movement. Driven by our passion for sport and our instinct for innovation, we aim to bring inspiration to every athlete in the world and to make sport a daily habit.

What is Amazon's vision statement? ›

"Our vision is to be Earth's most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavours to offer its customers the lowest possible prices."

What is vision and mission example? ›

Mission statement: We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience. Vision statement: To be Earth's most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.

What is simple vision? ›

Single vision prescriptions are the most common among people who need vision correction. It means the lenses are correcting for one field of vision—nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatisms. The entire lens contains the same amount of vision correction.

What is chick fil a vision? ›

Our Purpose

"To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A." To live out our Purpose and honor Truett's legacy, we are focused on creating a culture of care, both at the Support Center and in our restaurants.

What is Mcdonald's vision statement? ›

We serve delicious food people feel good about eating, with convenient locations and hours and affordable prices, and by working hard to offer the speed, choice and personalization our customers expect.

What is Starbucks vision statement? ›

To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

What is Netflix's vision statement? ›

Netflix Inc.'s corporate vision is “To continue being one of the leading firms of the internet entertainment era.” Aligned with the corporate mission statement, this vision statement highlights the company's strategic objective of being at the top of the competition, considering large players like Amazon and Walmart.

What is TJ Maxx vision statement? ›

We are committed to making a positive, sustainable impact on the world in which we live and conduct business.

What is Coca Cola's vision statement? ›

Our vision is to craft the brands and choice of drinks that people love, to refresh them in body & spirit. And done in ways that create a more sustainable business and better shared future that makes a difference in people's lives, communities and our planet.


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